Waking up to a 5 am sunrise in Chennai. My beautiful friend out there just made my morning. ❤





‘Hermoine, I don’t know what’s got into you lately!’ said Ron, astounded. ‘First you hit Malfoy, then you walk out on Professor Trelawney -‘

Hermoine looked rather flattered. 


Just reread Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the 3rd time last night and it still makes me cry with joy. I have NO idea what I would do if the Harry Potter series was not written. J.K Rowling, I hope you are listening.



Kissing in America by Margo Rabb

Credits: Epic Reads, Tumblr 


I don’t know where to start. I had thought this was just going to be one of those cranky YA books that kind of make you feel bad about living. But 80 pages into it and I could see how sorely wrong I was.

Margo Rabb speaks about grief as a portal to blessings. She chooses to see endings attached to the opening of the heart and the expansion of love. I don’t know what struck me most: how my soul resonated with the story of Eva and her grief or how I was learning the art of losing, hand in hand with her.

I felt like the Universe had slyly conspired to place this book in my library checkout pile. After that It had been constantly administered the title in my thoughts, like a ghost that wouldn’t go away until I did what it wanted.

There has been so much resonance here, so much connection, that in end, I wept my pain out, in the last 20 pages or so. It feels eerie how a book can feel like a part of your being, as if its weaved in with your breath and the words have settled in your soul, forever becoming a part of it.