Marry him or Marry him?


Credits: @tylerknott, Instagram


Almost 3 years ago, I stumbled upon a Tyler Knott Gregson poem. I remember googling the name to find as many poems of his as I could swallow after that. I remember being in such pristine awe that my heart grew wings and flew out of my throat.

And here I am today, in love with the man itself. There are very few people whose souls reflect only light. You see them and you somehow, just know, that they are light bearers, darkness warders and impossibly beautiful lovers.

From that day onward, I have read his daily poetry on Instagram, fallen in love with his nephew’s cuteness and harnessed a secret spot for him in my heart. *Mush overload*

And I have a wish: I’d like to meet Tyler. And possibly marry him if the Universe thinks our souls are worthy of a forever. Serious. Not kidding. *shush now, don’t roll your eyes.*

But in the meantime, here’s something he wrote today that I joyously embraced.

“Love is a peculiar creature, how it flows out of us and leaks into the cracks and fractures of the life around us. How it can grow. Expand. How it can encompass so many things that fill up our lives, the people and the animals, the moments and the adventures. We are born to love, built for it, and that ability is always there beneath the surface, no matter how buried we think it becomes, no matter how much we forget. We are put here to love, freely, and I have just begun.”


P.S: Tyler, if you are listening. I am sending you a hug across the sky. The Universe celebrates you. And so do I. ❤


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