Want a Hug?

It’s officially the weekend. I have been thoroughly overworked in the last two weeks and I deserve a couple of unicorns taking me out on a pizza date.

First things first, I finally get to dedicate two whole days SOLELY to myself. *Can totally hear the beat pick up*

I am home, splayed out like a sloth in my Mini Mouse boxers, scavenging the internet for some inspiration mojo. Tada! What do I find?

This gorgeous, wonderful, magnificent, genius baby called The Nicest Place on the Internet.  Do you need a hug? Well click on the hyperlink and watch the nicest people on earth come and give you free hugs. An online website that plays soft, dainty tunes and has mini clips of people who volunteer to give a hug to the world, I almost shed tears of happiness.

The awesome bit: You can give a hug too!


Happy weekend loves! Go hug the Universe! ❤




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